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Thinking Inside the Box: Le Tote

So the Sun Basket segment of “Thinking Outside the Box” came to an awkward and complicated end. I still am sorting through everything, but I will give a full evaluation “verdict” in the next little bit. This month, we are moving on to a completely different type of subscription service: wardrobe rental. I heard about Le Tote through a friend, then again through a Facebook ad. I’ve spent many years thrift storing, so I am no stranger to used clothing, but the idea of paying a substantial sum of money ($59) a month, with no lasting tactile goods, seemed a bit strange. I waffled for a while, but ultimately decided “why not?” and sent in my subscription request.

To make sure you end up with something you actually like, the company has you complete a style profile, information on your size, and lists of things you do not want, and then they encourage you to flip through their inventory and add items to your “closet”. The actual totes contain 5 pieces (2 accessories and 3 garments) that are a combination of things you’ve picked and items they think would complement your personal style. They also give you the option to “swap” out items in your tote if they’ve selected something you’re not interested in. After that, the final order is placed, and you receive your item in about 3-4 business days (my experience). If you fall in love with an item in your tote, you can purchase it for a discounted price.

le1My first tote was a little off style wise, so I swapped two of the five items for other options. Since I am right at the tail end of their sizing range, I suspect that my selection is a bit more limited than average clients, but so far I’ve been able to find plenty of pieces I’m interested in trying.  My final tote contained a sweater, a shirt, a pencil skirt, a bracelet, and a shoulder bag.le3 Tassle & Horn Crossbody – The shoulder bag was small enough that it could be used also as a clutch, which was pretty cool. It’s a lot smaller than I usually carry, but I swapped it out with my larger bag for a weekend. I liked the style, and by carrying it as a cross body bag, it was much easier navigating crowds while I ran my usual errands. The only downside was that my wallet, which is admittedly quite large, took up all the room, and I barely had room for a single lipstick and my cell phone. le2 Stretch Cable Bracelet –  a gold bangle with black and rhinestone accents. Simple, classic, and a nice bit of subtle bling for pretty much whatever. I wore it twice, and while it was pretty, I ran into the issue I have with most wrist wear: it gets in the way. Clicks against the desk when I type, catches on the edge of the canvas when I paint: just not the right item for me.le5 Cut Out Trim Top – this shirt was one of the items selected for me, and while I would not have picked it for myself, it was interesting enough that I wanted to try it out. Unfortunately, the fit was strange -boxy and unflattering-, so I didn’t wear it out. le6 Quilted Knit Pencil Skirt –  I have several more “traditional” pencil skirts already, and despite the fact that I’m a bit chubby, they generally look really nice. This one was solidly okay, but the material was a bit odd, and the stretch made it cling in unflattering places. Like the shirt above, it never left the house. This was the only item in the bag that I could tell had been previously worn: it was a bit linty, and there were some loose threads at the edges. I honestly found it to be a bit off putting.le7Printed Crop Cardigan –  I loved this last one so much. A standard black cardigan with a silk floral panel in the front. Brighter than I normally go, but the colors were very flattering and vibrant. I wore it twice and seriously considered keeping it, but it was a bit short waisted, and it didn’t seem like a good investment for something that wasn’t perfect. le8 le4

All in all, not a bad first tote. It was a lot of fun trying everything on, and I can’t wait to see what my next tote will bring!

Simply Lovely

As the temperature climbs here in sunny sunny evilly hot Florida, I find myself searching desperately through my wardrobe trying to locate the few, and I mean very few articles of clothing I have that aren’t black or long sleeved. I’ve come to the realization that I need to pick up a few lightweight, lighter colored garments in my closet. You know, since one of my goals (from this list) was to define my personal style and take steps towards a more ideal wardrobe. I still don’t think i’ll be indulging in any of the neon pieces that seems to be so popular right now; but I think a few pastel and neutral selections, like these simple creations by Mes Dames, are just what my closet needs.


Shopping tip: A great way to make your clothing budget go farther is to shop out of season. Buy clothing for next summer once all the stores start introducing their fall lines and the summer clothes migrate to the sales rack. This obviously isn’t the best plan for someone who is obsessed with being on trend, but if you are looking for more classic pieces, make mental notes now and buy later.

Images from here.

Closet Visit

Great things have been happening the last few days, great mostly in magnitude, not so much as in awesome.  I have officially made it through the final deadline for 2010 tax returns! Not a big deal to anyone not currently employed at a CPA’s office, but for us a really really REALLY big deal.  Fortunately, as a mere receptionist, I haven’t actually been responsible for doing any of the returns. I have, however, been metaphorically chained to the copy room for the last week.  All those returns aren’t going to copy, bill and package themselves now are they?  So I am currently sitting at my desk surrounded by the fall out of the last week…this all looks like a fine job for tomorrow.

Fortunately, I am actually able to take my break today, and I can share the newest round of awesome that I’ve stumbled across in my daily blog reads: Closet Visit

Closet Visit features, simply, various women and the contents of their closets.  The photos above are still shots from the newest movie created by the team entitled Matilde.  Flipping through the features really has made me consider the difference between having clothes and having a wardrobe.  Since a large number of the items in my clothing rotation never even make it to the closet, “Fluff” dryer settings were created for a reason, I am still firmly situated in the “clothing” category. But starting to create a wardrobe, a piece at a time, is seeming like a very good goal for the new year.

Images from here.