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Okay, only one more round of vacation pics I promise.  The main reason for the recent west coast adventure was my friend (and fellow blogger) Verhanika’s wedding. Since she and her now husband reside in Seattle WA, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a mini vacation. It’s hands down the best trip Andy and I have taken together. I got to reconnect with several of my college friends, meet some really great new friends, see some of Andy’s favorite local spots from his consulting days and use Andy as arm candy. Just kidding…sort of, he cleans up very nicely.  It was the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure, and both of us agree that we’d like to go back for a longer visit in the near-ish future.

Seattle 10 Seattle 9

Since we couldn’t check until a few hours after our flight landed, Andy and I went to EMP Museum and wondered around for a bit.

Seattle 8

Seattle 7

Then we had a late lunch at Shalimar (best Indian food of my life!) near the University

Seattle 3 Seattle 2 Seattle 1

Finally, we got the call saying we could check in, and it was love at first sight.  I completely fell for our hotel, the rooms were a little small, but who cares when you have gorgeous gardens and water features?

Seattle 11

And a free snack bar. I don’t even want to talk about how many of the Mint Chocolate Malt Balls I ate.  I’d be ashamed if they weren’t so damn tasty.

Seattle 5

My first ever Trader Joe’s candy. Procured by my friend Mike for us to enjoy whist getting manicures and pedicures.

Seattle 4

A snail, he was just so cute and happy. If snails can feel happy that is. He was just crawling around in a circle, so maybe confused instead of happy?

Seattle 6

Does anyone know what these gold flowers are called? My guess was that they’re some sort of poppy?

Seattle 6 (2)

The sun setting at Alki beach after V and Andy’s wedding. They were off getting post nuptial froyo with the photographer while the rest of us hung out and enjoyed the last bit of a truly gorgeous day.

Like I said, this trip had a little bit of everything and I can’t wait to go back.