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Get Your Drink On (Because somtime plain water gets boring)

Don’t get to excited, this isn’t about alcoholic beverages, although recipes for those have been flooding my blog feed as well, this is about hydration! When Andy and I were at the grocery store earlier this week, he added one of those plastic lemons filled with juice to our cart. I raised my eyebrow at him since the only time anything like that comes home with us is when I need it for a recipe, and even then I prefer to use fresh juice. He informed me that he was getting bored with plain water and that this was is solution to the flavor issue. I felt a little bad, usually I try to keep tea or something in the fridge, but I’ve not been really good about keeping up with the rate of consumption. So I took to the internet for some inspiration and I’ve found two things I am interested in trying: Lemonade or Limeade and Aloe water. These are a few of the recipes I am considering.


Aloe Water:


Image from here.


Gotta Stay Hydrated

It is stupidly hot here in sunny sunny Florida. The temperature is now regularly hitting the mid to upper 90’s and the humidity make it feel like you’re swimming instead of walking. Unsurprisingly, I have been doing my best to stay hydrated, but drinking glass after glass of water, can be a little boring. So I try to keep a pitcher of  infused(flavored) water in the fridge. Not to brag, but I’ve been doing this for a while and I feel like I have come up with some pretty good combinations. Strawberry, orange and basil, cucumber, mint and blueberry(yeah I’m kind of awesome like that), but then I flipped through my blog feed and saw this post by Alisa Burke….yeah, i’m going to have to up my game.

Water 1 Water 2 Water 3 Water 4



I can tell you that I won’t be making the cilantro water though, no matter how many ways I try using that herb, I just don’t like it. Tastes like soap.


All images from Alisa Burke.

Getting in Deep

Life may be a little crazy right now, it seems like 2014 is bound and determined to start off with a bang, but I enjoy a nice peaceful moment when I looked at this photo series Underwater Walkers. I learned how to swim when I was very small, and I loved floating on my back and watching the sky. You could see everything that was happening, but the water muted the sounds and everything became mellow white noise….until my brother decided to splash me or practice his cannonball right next to where I was floating. Oh the joys of younger siblings.

Under 1