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Fit for a Princess

Instagram can be a dangerous place. One moment you’re catching up with the 20 different cats you follow and commenting on your friend’s baby pictures, and then BAM! There is an add for beautiful sparkle things. How is a girl supposed to defend herself? I am very susceptible to beautiful merchandise, especially when it’s well photographed and already tagged with the line “pretty things”. This weekend saddled me with another tab in my “bookmarks”, Erica Elizabeth Designs.

 Now, technically these items are billed as “wedding accessories” but I think there are plenty of non-matrimonially related reasons to want a tiara. You know, something important like a Tuesday or going to brunch. 
It was difficult for me to decide which photos to share with you guys, everything on the site is stunning, but I found myself gravitating towards the floral pieces that reminded me of spring, with a few celestial inspired items thrown in there for variety. Actually, If I were pressed to pick a favorite, I think for once the flowers would lose. That piece with crescents and the stars? It’s giving me some wonderful art nouveau flashbacks, and I have visions of wearing it with inky indigo gowns and some silver shimmer dusted on my cheekbones…..

Which one is your favorite?


All images from Erica Elizabeth Designs


Okay, only one more round of vacation pics I promise.  The main reason for the recent west coast adventure was my friend (and fellow blogger) Verhanika’s wedding. Since she and her now husband reside in Seattle WA, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a mini vacation. It’s hands down the best trip Andy and I have taken together. I got to reconnect with several of my college friends, meet some really great new friends, see some of Andy’s favorite local spots from his consulting days and use Andy as arm candy. Just kidding…sort of, he cleans up very nicely.  It was the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure, and both of us agree that we’d like to go back for a longer visit in the near-ish future.

Seattle 10 Seattle 9

Since we couldn’t check until a few hours after our flight landed, Andy and I went to EMP Museum and wondered around for a bit.

Seattle 8

Seattle 7

Then we had a late lunch at Shalimar (best Indian food of my life!) near the University

Seattle 3 Seattle 2 Seattle 1

Finally, we got the call saying we could check in, and it was love at first sight.  I completely fell for our hotel, the rooms were a little small, but who cares when you have gorgeous gardens and water features?

Seattle 11

And a free snack bar. I don’t even want to talk about how many of the Mint Chocolate Malt Balls I ate.  I’d be ashamed if they weren’t so damn tasty.

Seattle 5

My first ever Trader Joe’s candy. Procured by my friend Mike for us to enjoy whist getting manicures and pedicures.

Seattle 4

A snail, he was just so cute and happy. If snails can feel happy that is. He was just crawling around in a circle, so maybe confused instead of happy?

Seattle 6

Does anyone know what these gold flowers are called? My guess was that they’re some sort of poppy?

Seattle 6 (2)

The sun setting at Alki beach after V and Andy’s wedding. They were off getting post nuptial froyo with the photographer while the rest of us hung out and enjoyed the last bit of a truly gorgeous day.

Like I said, this trip had a little bit of everything and I can’t wait to go back.

Wedding Peeps!

To all my wonderful friends planning a wedding, look at all the pretty things! A few weeks ago I got an email from Anthropologie introducing BHLDN Weddings; a combination website and traveling trunk show (check locations here). I wish this had been around when Andy and I were tying the knot, so many pretty things.



BHLDN 4.1           BHLDN 4.2

BHLDN 3.1   BHLDN 3.2   BHLDN 3.3 BHLDN 5

They’ve got a little bit ever everything wedding dresses, non-wedding dress, decor, keepsakes, shoes and even stationary. Even if you aren’t getting married it’s worth taking a look since many of the items don’t have to be “wedding only”. Oh, and they have inspiration pages as well.

All images from BHLDN Weddings.

Nostalgia & Napkin Rings

I realized a few weeks ago my group of friends is now in round two of the wedding cycle. Round one was right after college, all the couples graduated and got hitched. It seemed like there was a wedding every six months, that group has now moved on to babies. But back to round two, these are my friends that were single at the end of college and met someone after relocating. Three weddings within the next year. I am so very happy for them, and so very happy not to be them. I don’t EVER want to plan a wedding again. The budgeting, the balancing and the coordinating, oh god the coordinating! So many stories. All the realization and reminiscing resulted in me clicking around a few of my favorite bookmarked wedding blogs and, of course finding, a DIY that I just had to share.

The inspiration for these gilded napkin rings came from a table-scape designed by Firefly Events. The rings they used were actually bracelets from Anthro, which was an ingenious idea, but with a price tag of $48 a piece a bit expensive. So the design team at Ruffled got creative and traced down golden arrow findings from this Etsy seller, threw in a little elbow grease and ta-da, golden arrow napkin rings for a fraction of the price.

Arrow DIY 1 Arrow DIY 2 Arrow DIY 3

Crafting and saving money?! I think i’m in love.



The stars have aligned, it only took four months, but now I can finally share some of our wedding photos with you guys! Bear with me, this is a pretty lengthy post, but I had to sort through over 500 images to narrow it down to these few.  It was the perfect wedding, beautiful weather, great food, surrounded by friends and family, Andy and I couldn’t have asked for more.

Photos by Woodland Fields Photography.

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