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Winter Floral Wreath

I always thought making a wreath from live flowers was strictly a spring/summer activity. Before my office job, I kept a vase of flowers by my front door just so I could grab a few on my way out. Once fall sets in though, I use faux flowers or foliage to create headpieces for special events like Christmas or my mother’s birthday. Fortunately, not everyone is as short sighted as me, The Ladies of Forêt  came up with this quick and simple tutorial on creating a lovely headpiece from seasonal winter blossoms. It seems i’ll have to pay better attention to what the cooler months have to offer.

Winter Wreath 1 Winter Wreath 2


  • craft wire
  • flowers
  • floral tape
  • vines (optional)

Winter Wreath 3


1. Using wire or a thin woody vine, wrap it around your head to find the desired circumference. We love our wreaths to hug the head at an angle as opposed to being parallel to the ground. If using a vine like we chose, cut the vine to fit and secure the ends together with wire to form your wreath base.

Winter Wreath 4

2. Looking in a mirror, determine the placement of your floral pops and mark accordingly. Once you wire one cluster of flowers, reposition the wreath on your head to see if you need to make any adjustments and/or additions.

Winter Wreath 5

3. We wrapped our more delicate flowers with floral tape to lock in moisture. Then, with the wire, we secured clusters of flowers around the perimeter. Once we inserted our flowers, we went back in with greens to add texture and mask the stems. Notice the crisscrossing of the wire holding the stems to the vine; this makes it easy to squeeze the greens into the wreath by gently adding them between the floral stems and the wire.

Winter Wreath 6

4. Try it on! Are you starting to feel like a lady of antiquity? Want more, want less? Make adjustments and secure with bobby pins if the wreath tilts to one side or another.

Winter Wreath 7

* If you don’t want to wear your flowers, this circular shape works perfectly as a centerpiece or table decoration. Just group a set of tapers, votives or hurricane candles in the center!

Tutorial and images from Design Sponge.

Warm and Cozy

Florida can be a bit disappointing to someone who enjoys the cooler weather. Many a Christmas has been spent with the air conditioner running full blast. This year has been a bit kinder, with the thermostat fluctuating from the Low 60’s – the High 70’s during the day and 40’s-50’s at night. We’ll by no means be having a white Christmas, but compared to the last few years I am very grateful have a chance to enjoy cozy sweaters and steamy warm beverages.

The office is so quiet this time of year, no huge deadlines, very few complaining clients, and not much else to do besides pack up old files and get ready for next year. It almost makes me miss tax season. Almost. Time for more hot chocolate.

Images from here.

Mountains of Tissues and Oh So Pretty Pictures

Hey guys, sorry i’ve been a MIA this week, I’ve been a little under the weather. And by a little I mean a lot, I am med-ed up and functioning right now, but there is a threat of a trip to the doctor if I’m not better in a few days.Feeling as poorly as I have been, it isn’t really all that surprising that i’ve been spending quite a bit of time curled up in bed with the cats and my laptop. Fortunately, Ruche just posted their Winter Lookbook and I can not stop flipping through it.

These are just a few of my favorite images, but I love it, love it, LOVE IT. This last dress in particular is just so soft and delicately feminine. Sadly, it is already sold out, but then again we are now in the time of year where it’s a bad idea to buy things for your self anyway. Oh well, time for more tea and another round of cold medicine. I’ll just leave this bookmarked on my laptop for later.


I finally got around to downloading the pictures from my digital camera.  There were about two years worth of photos, which is probably a new record.  Something about having to locate the connection cable just seems so tedious to me.  I will say it was really nice to see some of these images again.

Below are some shots of our most recent trip to Boston.  While the trip had some seriously stressful moments (me getting lost, shady hotel and Andy having to work), I spent the most amazing day reading in Copley Square.  The sky was clear and a breathtaking blue, and the temperature was only in the low seventies. It was absolute heaven, and I don’t know how I didn’t end up sunburned.  The majority of the day was spent sitting the the benches across the reflecting pool from these two beautiful churches.  The tiny blue one was my favorite.  I may have even contemplated moving the wedding to Boston, just so could have gotten married there. Fortunately we’d already booked and payed for our venue, or our guest would be traveling quite a bit farther.

Hopefully, the next time we go back for a visit will be in the spring.  The trip we took last December resulted in me being a very frozen Julie Popsicle.  I like cold weather but jeez!  I don’t know if i’m all that anxious for another bout of Boston winter weather.