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Down the Rabbit Hole

Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For
Pink –  Just Like Fire

These Wonderland inspired music videos inspire a level of giddiness in me that goes undiminished as time passes; the same type of giddiness was caused by this photo shoot from Chotronette. Accuracy be damned, that bunny dress is fantastic, and I don’t care what color ears I have to get to wear it. Heck, I think I even have a Pinterest DIY for lace ears saved somewhere. I’ll make my own damn ears if I have to! As if it wasn’t cute enough on its own, the description makes it even better:

Add two teaspoons of dark chocolate and mix together with strawberry mousse. Garnish with a fondant giant bow and mille feuille ruffles and serve on a victorian cliff house tea party.

Don’t get me wrong: this gorgeous embroidered white boho dress is the stuff of my sparkle fairy hippie dreams, and any other day… maybe even tomorrow, I’d be over the moon for it, but today… today I am all about black satin and pink tulle. 
I’m also considering what types of shoes and tights would be best with my imaginary ensemble. I am leaning towards black lace tights and a really cute pair of black peeptoe wingtip heeled booties. Although, I also am thinking that it could be really cute with thigh-highs and an elaborate garter belt type situation too. I mean you wouldn’t see the whole rig-up, but just a little peek at the hemline would be great for visual interest.

One last thing, I’m not a huge fan of my natural god given freckles, but those glitzy gold ones could be fun to try out. I mean, maybe I’d go for a rose gold or something a little holo, but nonetheless, tres, tres cute.

Monday, Monday…

For as long as I can remember “reading” has been at the top of my hobbies list. Athough,  I always feel a little strange defining it as a mere hobby. Overly dramatic as it is, I pretty much feel like I need books the way most people need water.  Stories of adventure, strange worlds, myths, legends, quirky characters and steadfast friends made my little hometown life, and growing up in general, more bearable.   Even now, all I need after a bad day at the office is some quality time in someone else’s world to set things right.

So stumbling across this hauntingly beautiful set of photos by Kristy Mitchell entitled Wonderland really made my morning. Well, that and having a new work computer on which I can check my blogs while i’m enjoying my break.

The work day is half over and the emotional storm clouds are definitely clearing, my fingers are crossed that the rest of my dreaded Monday will be calm and uneventful.

Images from here.