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Technical Difficulties….

I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts as of late. We’ve been experiencing perfect storm of amazing and awfulness this week.  The abridged version: my work computer died, Andy turned 34, my friend Billy turned 25, dozens of wedding details and mini projects to hammer out, and Andy and I are both sick.

Hopefully everything will settle down a bit, probably not, but there is always the chance that things will change for the better.  The wedding is now five weeks away and I am quickly realizing that my chances for some peace and quiet are quickly disappearing.  Which is why I am posting this from bed, under about three blankets with two kitties snuggled in next to me.  My determination to sleep the day away was thwarted by my practical streak wanting to get things done. I’ve been stubbornly refusing to get up, but she did talk me into checking my email and writing this post. I’ve offered her Starbucks later if she’ll shut up for a couple of hours, but this offer was countered by the reminder that our Target has a Starbucks and I could knock a few things off our grocery list if we procured our cup of Salted Caramel Mocha deliciousness there…

Since this seems to be a losing battle I am off to enjoy the slight drop in temperature and knock things off my “To Do” list.

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